Membership and fees

Active member

Sairauskassa Silta is a workplace fund that takes care of its members’ sickness insurance and additional benefit matters.

All new employees of the employers belonging to the fund’s sphere of operations are entitled to join the sickness fund. They must join the fund within 3 months of the beginning of employment. 

The membership fee is 1.6% of the member’s salary subject to the Tax Prepayment Act, however, a maximum of EUR 62,68 (in 2024) per month.

The membership form.

Retired member

Persons retiring from the employment of the shareholders, employers and the sickness fund who have been members of Sairauskassa Silta for a minimum of 10 years before retiring can remain fund members.

The membership of retired persons is voluntary. The person in question must, within three months of having received notice of the pension decision, inform the fund if he/she wishes to remain a fund member using a written or electronic membership form.

A pensioner’s membership fee is 2.1% of his/her pension income. The membership fee ceiling is the same as for an active member.

Retired fund members are only entitled to additional benefits as specified in the fund’s rules.

External member

Persons who, without retiring, after having reached the age of 59 years, have been laid off for financial or production reasons from the employer’s employment and who have been members of the fund for at least 10 years before being laid off, and who are neither employed or self-employed, can be external members of the fund.

An external member’s membership fee is 2.1% of his/her income subject to withholding tax.

External fund members are only entitled to additional benefits as specified in the fund’s rules.

Members on unpaid leave

Persons who are on unpaid leave (e.g. job alternation leave, child-care leave, study leave or temporary lay-off) and wish to retain their right to the additional benefits specified in the fund’s rules can pay their membership fees themselves.

The entitlement of persons on unpaid leave to the additional benefits ends in the event of non-payment of the membership fee.

In 2024, the membership fee is €42 per month.

If you wish to retain your membership during unpaid leave, contact the fund,