Claim compensation online

Sairauskassa Silta adopted an electronic service called Iris (eAsiointi) in March 2021.

If you are a new Iris user, you must first approve the electronic processing of your information.

Iris is also in English.

Go to  and log in to the service using your credentials. You cannot file claims until the sickness fund has processed your joining request. Processing takes a few business days.

To log in to the service, you need banking credentials, a mobile certificate or a certificate card.

Through Iris you can:

  • claim the sickness fund’s additional benefits
  • monitor the processing of your claim
  • check your compensation information
  • easily and reliably update your address and account information (if you change your email address information in Iris, it will not be communicated to the sickness fund, so be sure to also report your new email address to the sickness fund

You will also receive your compensation information electronically without unnecessary printed mail. 

If you have claimed compensation through Iris and have not received a reply, please check your email (including your spam mail). The sickness fund may have sent you an email message requesting you to supplement your claim.

Filing an electronic claim:

  1. Scan or photograph the documents supporting your claim (receipt, invoice, referral), go to and log in.
  2. On the ‘Korvaukset’/’Claims’ tab, select “Tee uusi korvaushakemus”/ “File a new claim”)
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  4. Add the required attachments.
  5. Send the claim.

NOTE! If you photograph a document with a camera/mobile phone camera:

  • Be sure to photograph all the pages of the document, e.g. an invoice.
  • Take the photo so that all the information on the receipt/invoice is included and clearly readable.