The fund reimburses 70% of laboratory and imaging examinations and pathological analyses prescribed by a doctor and reimbursable pursuant to the Health Insurance Act.

However, the fund does not reimburse other procedures performed in connection with the examinations, unless the Board of Directors decides to grant compensation in individual cases.

A medical prescription must be obtained prior to the occurrence of an event entitling to compensation. A prescription for examination and treatment is valid for one year from the date of signature.

Separate sampling costs are not reimbursed.

To receive compensation, send the forms mentioned below to the sickness fund:

  • ‘Claim – Medical care expenses incurred in Finland’, form SV 127.
  • Examination and treatment prescribed by a doctor, form SV 3
  • Payment receipt

If Kela’s reimbursement has already been deducted, you do not need to fill in a separate claim form, just send the payment receipt.